Prayers for the People

St. Stephen is a a church deeply routed within the community in which we reside.  

We have a vision and a commitment our statement is: 

“Working together to dream dreams and have vision”.

Our regular Sunday Service starts at 10:30 am, and we welcome anyone who wishes to attend our service. 

We are currently celebrating Lent - refer to the Lent tab under Worship

I pray for the following people that they and their loved ones may know your loving presence with them during this time.  
I pray for Your will to be done in their lives and that they may know the peace of your grace.  
If I may be of further help in brining your will, please place that action in my heart.  
I pray for all who participate in your coming of heaven on earth.  


We pray for those in our own community – those whose names only you know and those we now name:

Len Allen, Norm Briou, Donna Bryan, Jessica Camiani, Jack Coley, Ryland Correa, Patti Dobias, Margaret Draddy, John Duguay, Stephanie Edwards, Bill Ferris, Sue Fleming, Debbie Gomes, Ruth Green, Kevin Griffin, Janet (Fischer) Heerema, Sheila Hillerup, Pat & Harv Hutton,  

Cindy James, David Jameson, Lee Kemp, Mark King, Kim Komer, Catherine Leslie, Craig Lenton, Nancy Litt, Susan McNamara, Dusty Martin, Dorothy Mairn, Grace Moores, Daniel O’Reilly, Brooklyn Robyn, Graham Sharpe, Patricia Sharpe, Melody Taylor,

Hazel Wiley, Tucker Williams, Cyndy Vanier, Simon, Cindy, Robert, Catrina, Rick, Joanne, Peter, Morris and Baby Jersey. 

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